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The HIP HOP teaching course in Florence on 23-24 November 2024 is a National Course for HIP HOP Teacher recognized by OPES/CONI.

By participating in this course, you will obtain a Nationally Recognized Diploma, Technical Card and Snaq as well as the Certificate of Attendance issued by Europehiphopmovement.

Remember to purchase the option with the MANDATORY MEMBERSHIP in order to participate in the courses.

Membership is valid from 1 September 2024 to 31 August 2025, so we recommend you ensure you purchase this option when registering for the course.

If you want to teach hip hop and obtain a certification recognized by CONI on the national territory, this is the course for you!

HIP HOP 1ST LEVEL | Florence | 23-24/11/2024 (hip hop teachers course CO

  • Once registered you will receive, 2 weeks before the date, all the information to participate in the course.

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